Production of
tablets, capsules
and film-coated

We specialize in solid,
non-sterile and oral
dosage forms

We serve the top ten companies in the pharmaceutical industry. We sell our products worldwide.

We offer the following batch sizes:
up to 200 kg for high-potency drugs (OEB 4 – 6), up to 500 kg for conventional drugs (OEB 1 – 3), and small batches from 5 kg.

Ninety percent of our projects involve high-efficacy drugs.

For over 30 years, we have specialized in processing highly potent (up to OEB 6, max. 10 ng/m³) and difficult-to-process drugs.

Dr. Bernd Mümmler, Production

Dr. Bernd Mümmler, Production

We use the following technologies

  • Direct tableting
  • Compacting
  • Dry granulation
    (roller compaction)
  • Wet granulation
    with fluidized bed drying
  • Fluidized bed granulation
    (top spray, pellets, tangential spray)
  • Film coating with functional and
    non-functional coatings
  • Capsulation
    (powder, granules, pellets, tablets)

We adhere to
the following guidelines

FDA GMP guidelines

EU GMP guidelines

ICH guidelines

WHO guidelines

Dr. Alexander Ullrich, Bulk Production

From small batches from 5 kg up to 500 kg – simply tell us what quantity you require.

It goes without saying that employee safety and environmental protection are our top priorities.

Dr. Alexander Ullrich, Bulk Production

We adapt our processes and production conditions to the requirements of your products.

Whether special excipients, individual tablet embossing or special equipment, we can make many things happen. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

Dr. Alexander Mauerer, Bulk Production

Dr. Alexander Mauerer, Bulk Production

M. Beck, Bulk Production

The bulk production process involves pharmaceutical technicians, industrial mechanics, pharmaceutical engineers and pharmacists.

Some of our colleagues used to work in the food sector. It’s a great advantage to have so many disciplines working together.

M. Beck, Bulk Production

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