Our employees
can rely on us

and so can our neighbors, suppliers, customers and the patients who take our active pharmaceutical ingredients and drugs.

We do everything we can to protect the environment – both on and beyond our premises.

Daniela Kovats, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety

At Excella, we believe

that we are responsible for health, safety and environmental protection. We are all involved in a continuous process of improvement.

Daniela Kovats, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety

We manufacture highly effective active pharmaceutical ingredients and medicines that we handle safely.

our employees

  • We regularly measure exposure to hazardous substances and noise levels in the workplace.

    We adjust our employees’ hearing protection to the noises they are exposed to when working.

  • We adapt all machines to our employees.

    When we purchase new machines, we involve the colleagues who will operate them right from the start. We build model systems for our colleagues to test.


    These are just some of the things we do to facilitate our employees’ working routines.

Daniela Kovats, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety

We also try not to disturb our neighbours.

And make sure that our plants don’t make any unnecessary noise.

Daniela Kovats, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety

the environment

  • We are constantly honing our processes to make them as efficient as possible.

    This helps us optimize the use of raw materials and energy and minimize waste and climate pollutants.

  • With all developments, we always check

    if green solvents are an option.

  • Our sophisticated environmental technology

    includes dust extractors, waste air scrubbers and much more.

  • We evaluate our processes using HAZOP – a hazard analysis process recommended by German professional associations, which always have exacting standards.

    This process is used to prevent accidents with chemicals, find their cause, assess their impact and develop countermeasures.

  • Our team is always looking for new ways to save energy.

    We have already switched our entire lighting system to LED.

  • We have a designated team for environmental protection and occupational safety.

    The team members focus exclusively on making our work even safer and more sustainable.

  • We also work with external evaluation partners

    such as Safebridge and Intechnica to gain an outside perspective.

process safety

  • Analytical and chemical development go hand in hand.

    We are very well equipped, especially in analytical development. As soon as we start to develop a process, we ensure that our facilities fulfill the necessary requirements.

  • We carry out process safety tests on site.

    We make use of all structure elucidation methods and quality checks, from NMR and mass spectrometry to X-ray diffraction. These devices are GMP-certified.

  • We can perform design of experiment studies

    and map them in automated reactors.

Dr. Angrit Trapp, Customer Relations

We expect our suppliers and customers

to meet the same occupational safety and environmental protection standards that we do.

Dr. Angrit Trapp, Customer Relations

Our supply chain

We provide our customers with advice on how to use, recycle and dispose of our products. We also expect our suppliers and service providers to comply with occupational safety, health and environmental protection specifications and standards. And we care about human rights, international anti-corruption standards and fair working conditions.

Transparency is important in our line of work.

We communicate openly with our neighbors and the public. We organize open days to mark special occasions.
For example, we recently invited people from the local parliament, official bodies and the neighborhood to see our new laboratory for pharmaceutical quality control.

Holger Weigelt, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety

Holger Weigelt, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety

Claudia Clement, Human Resources

Our employees really like that.

In addition to protective measures, we also care about employee health. Our sports program is a big hit – we offer everything from yoga to soccer and are open to requests. Our employees particularly enjoy twice-weekly visits from a massage therapist.

Claudia Clement, Personal

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