We produce
highly potent API –
from 100 g to 20 tons

Which active pharmaceutical ingredient do you want to produce and how much do you need? We will
manufacture your active pharmaceutical ingredient in whatever quantity you require using our own development procedure or by transferring your precise
manufacturing process.

We have decades of experience in technology transfer and scale-up. All manufacture takes place at our plant in Feucht.

We can handle even the
most challenging reactions,
from Grignard to Friedel-Crafts.

We can perform more than 100 process steps, and our most complex synthesis involves twelve steps. Once development is complete, we scale up each process ready for production.

Alfred Schneider, API Production

Alfred Schneider, API Production

We manufacture
highly potent active
pharmaceutical ingredients
in our multipurpose
production facilities

Naturally, we are Safebridge-certified.

  • Small scale manufacturing:
    250L and 800L reactors up to OEB 6
  • Large scale manufacturing:
    4000L reactors up to OEB 4
  • Micronization of API
    in several plants, including a cryogenic mill
    up to OEB 5+

Our production team
is very experienced,

with 6 chemical engineers, 45 chemical foremen and more than 70 chemical technicians. Some of our colleagues have been with the company for over 30 years. This enables us to rely on decades of experience. We work around the clock in three shifts.

Christopher Lehmann, API Finishing

Our systems are designed for fast and efficient production with high volume yield.

Our cold grinding plant can micronize even hard-to-handle active pharmaceutical ingredients on a ton scale and has a throughput of up to 600 kg per hour.
The process itself is very gentle and doesn’t subject substances to any thermal stress.

Christopher Lehmann, API Finishing

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