About us

From developing
active pharmaceutical ingredients
to bulk packaging

We can provide individual
services or cover the entire process from
development through to production and
tablet/capsule packaging.
We adapt to your needs.

What we offer




  • We will develop an API for you and provide you with the relevant documentation.
  • We will produce the API you need in commercial quantities and create the corresponding drug master files for global use.
  • We are a German company and will partner with you to ensure a reliable supply of your API.




  • Provide us with the source for your API and we will develop your product through to its commercial launch.
  • By this point you will have all manufacturing documentation and we will produce your capsules and/or tablets.
  • We will look after your product packaging. We also offer this as a single service.



One Stop Shop

  • We will develop and produce the API required.
    The next step is to create a process for manufacturing the tablets or capsules and to produce, pack and ship them on your behalf.

We like complex products.

As a contract manufacturer, we offer maximum flexibility. Whether you need an individual service or the entire suite of processes, we are here for you. The more complex the active pharmaceutical ingredient or product, the better.

Norbert Straub, Development and Transfer

Norbert Straub, Development and Transfer

Occupational safety
and environmental protection
are of utmost importance

Checking ecotoxicity

First, we figure out whether the
product is right for us. To do so,
we examine the oxicological and
pharmacological data of the API
and classify their ecotoxicity.

Protective measures

Next, we determine whether our occupational
safety and environmental protection measures
are suitable. Only then do we make our decision.
We will expand our protective measures if

Green solvents

We use green solvents whenever possible.
We do not use chlorinated solvents (subject to
limited exceptions).

Daniela Kovats, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety

We have the facilities to perform process safety checks on site.

This is very important to us, and worth particular mention given the size of our company.

Daniela Kovats, Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety


Dr. Uwe Korn

Dr. Korn has been with the company since 1991 and was appointed Managing Director in 2018. He started off in API quality control before moving into quality organization. He then became Head of Materials Management and subsequently joined the management team.

Dr. Jürgen Bank

Dr. Bank has been with the company since 1999 and was appointed Managing Director in 2018.
He started out as a sales manager within the FAREVA organization, Excella’s parent group, and later joined the management team.

APIs made in Germany for over 40 years.

We have completed hundreds of projects worldwide. We would be delighted to share this wealth of experience with you. We think globally and work locally in the heart of Europe. We offer secure supplies and good accessibility, both extremely important in the pharmaceutical sector.

Dr. Jürgen Bank, Managing Director at Excella

Dr. Jürgen Bank, Managing Director at Excella

Dr. Uwe Korn, Managing Director at Excella

650 expert employees.

When you need someone who will really listen, when you want to break new ground, when you need to tackle a complex task, when you need the latest technology and a collaborator with finesse, when you know that a project exceeds your capabilities – that’s where we come in.

Dr. Uwe Korn, Managing Director at Excella

Our top values


Responsibility, reliability, diligence


A sense of responsibility is a vital and natural part of our work. We believe reliability and diligence are just as important.


Safety is key


for our employees, for patients, customers and partners, for the environment; in short: for everyone. These values guide us in everything we do and in every decision we make. Nothing is as important as these values.

Dr. Bernd Mümmler, Production

If we are not diligent – who will be?

After all, we develop and manufacture products that are intended to help people, but can harm them if we fail to act responsibly.

Dr. Bernd Mümmler, Production


We are constantly evolving


“This is how we’ve always handled it” or “We have never handled things this way” is not how we approach our work. We are always open to new solutions and approaches. Assessing everything we do enables us to think constructively.


We want to make sure that everyone can perform to the best of their abilities


It is particularly important to show our employees how much we appreciate them. We strive for a productive and encouraging team atmosphere. We also want our employees to have the working conditions they need to perform well and feel comfortable. We always treat our customers and other stakeholders with respect, interest and attention.


No matter what we do, we never lose sight of our values.

Our collaborators can be sure
that we are authentic and
stay true to our values.


Karin Zaschka, deputy chair of the works council

Karin Zaschka, deputy chair of the works council



Going through the motions?
Not here


We make an effort. Always. We have no interest in ready-made, mediocre solutions. We do our best. And this is how we deliver top quality.


We put ourselves to the test again and again


With a winning combination of knowledge, ability and experience. We have been applying our specialist and advanced knowledge for decades, constantly putting it to the test and developing it further. We are willing to learn new things. This is the only way to master new challenges.


As a contract manufacturer, we cater to the needs of many different customers


We put ourselves in their shoes and don’t stop until we find a successful approach. The challenge is to stay within the boundaries of what is feasible and reasonable.


We also work with our employees and try to give them the flexibility they need


For example by offering flexible working hours where possible. If an employee finds themselves faced with a tricky situation and needs specific support, we try to help them however we can.



We produce highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients – from
5 kg to 20 tons.



We develop and manufacture products in line with international standards.



This is how we protect our colleagues and our environment.