the environment

  • We are constantly honing our processes to make them as efficient as possible.

    This helps us optimize the use of raw materials and energy and minimize waste and climate pollutants.

  • With all developments, we always check

    if green solvents are an option.

  • Our sophisticated environmental technology

    includes dust extractors, waste air scrubbers and much more.

  • We evaluate our processes using HAZOP – a hazard analysis process recommended by German professional associations, which always have exacting standards.

    This process is used to prevent accidents with chemicals, find their cause, assess their impact and develop countermeasures.

  • Our team is always looking for new ways to save energy.

    We have already switched our entire lighting system to LED.

  • We have a designated team for environmental protection and occupational safety.

    The team members focus exclusively on making our work even safer and more sustainable.

  • We also work with external evaluation partners

    such as Safebridge and Intechnica to gain an outside perspective.